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ARVALIS - Institut du végétal

ARVALIS is in charge of applied research on cereals, maize, forage crops, flax, tobacco and potatoes in France. It is run and financed by farmers. It aims at developing, and providing tools, techniques and services to farmers, agricultural organisations and companies in order to produce always more, and better, in a context of evolving European and international rules-based environment and economics.

The Institute has effective means through 27 local sites in every region of France, with a broad range of activities.  It operates from the field scale to post-harvest stages and first processes. ARVALIS works in strong relations with breeders and inputs firms (seeds, nutrients and phytochemicals), as well as feed, food and non-food industries.  As an applied research institute, it interfaces with the basic research as INRAE, IRSTEA, CNRS, and universities (collaborating through various R&D projects) and the development organisms such as Chambers of Agriculture and economic operators (co-ops…).


Role in the project:

The Institute has developed sensor-based high throughput phenotyping tools for the measurements of relevant characteristics of the canopy of wheat and maize. These tools have been developed in specific research projects such as ANR PHENO-Blé and ANR-PIA PHENOME, and include gears (sensors and vectors) and software to analyse the data. These phenotyping tools are now used ‘as standard’ in several applied research programs related to nitrogen management and water stress in wheat and maize. The INNO-VEG project provides an opportunity to transfer these tools for use on potatoes, which will benefit the Institute’s experimental programme on potatoes, as well providing benefit to farmer led trials.